Tilt B4 Turn Windows

The turn and tilt double-glazed window is ideal for the upper floors of houses or flats, meeting the latest fire escape and cleaning regulations. 

The window has a two-fold operation, with the return position allowing the sash to open inwards like a door, enabling the outer pane of glass to be cleaned from inside the room. This also provides a fire escape route, with the sash opening fully to expose a clear exit point and the tilt position is ideal for ventilation.


Tilt B4 TurnSpecification

01 Glass
Glazed using innovative thermally efficient glass, our windows will reduce your carbon emissions and your monthly outgoings.

02 Reinforcing
Steel reinforcing gives added strength and durability to products that may be exposed to wild and erratic weather.

03 Screws
Quality tested screws are proven to resist and delay weathering and stand the test of time.

04 Security
Our casement windows are fitted with a corrosion resistant, multi-point rail lock.

05 Handle
Options Locking and non-locking handles are available as well as a push-button system which is ideal for fire escape windows.