Triple Glazed Units

What is Triple Glazing...?

Put simply, triple glazing is 3 panes of glass instead of 1 or 2. The claim is that by having an extra pane, you will increase efficiency and reduce noise. We already know that double-glazing makes a significant improvement over single glazing, but even so upgrading from single to double-glazing takes a long time to payback in terms of energy efficiency. So would making the jump to triple glazing make that much of a difference?

So triple glazing doesn’t really pay for itself, but are there other reasons for getting it above double glazing? 

  • Triple glazing offers a significant reduction in noise pollution – so it is ideal for those living in noisy areas.
  • Double glazing can create cold patches in the house, due to the higher u value of windows compared to walls and doors. This problem is exacerbated by modern insulation – as better and thicker wall insulation means windows become much colder compared to the rest of the house. Triple glazing is an excellent solution to this problem, as it reduces the difference in u value between the windows and the rest of the building.

So Triple or Double...?

The debate over triple or double-glazing is still raging, but there are a few main points to consider:

  • If you’ve already got good double glazing, don’t bother with triple.
  • Triple glazing doesn’t pay for itself, but neither does double.
  • Triple glazing is usually more expensive.
  • If you want to get rid of cold spots in an otherwise well heated house, or you have lots of noise outside, triple glazing is an option.