Processed Mirrors and Glass

Processed GLass and Mirrors

All of our stocks of glass and mirrors can be processed to customer’s specification. Processing glass is essentially taking it past the cut stage where the glass or mirror can be drilled, polished or bevelled to give it a finished look which is also functional. Our highly trained processing team use our state of the art glass processing machinery at our glazing factory housed in the company's head office at Rosemary House. Whether it’s a mirror for a wall which requires drilled holes for fixing or a glass table top which requires to be polished and bevelled we have the skills and machinery on site to give you a fast and efficient service.

Glass Processing Techniques

Polishing – Glass and mirror has sharp edges and polishing the edges allows the edges to be touched safely. This process is used for tabletops, shelves and mirrors.

Drilling – Glass and mirror require to have holes introduced to them in order for wall fixing or pipework ie shower fixings. Hole can be drilled from 4mm upwards.

Bevelling – This process gives glass or mirror an attractive look as it edges the glass or mirror by giving a picture framed finish around the border. Bevels can be from 10mm to 25mm.