McLeods can truly give you a room for all seasons using our exclusive SmartRoof Sun Room Roof System. Traditional sun rooms and extensions can be costly due to their construction with steel beams and traditional slate or tile roofs. The SmartRoof system is a lightweight aluminium structure which is installed very much like a standard conservatory roof but has the look and feel of a sun room. The inside of the roof is finished in plasterboard like a room in your home where you can fit spot lights and other roof features which cannot be used on a traditional conservatory roof.  

Our roof system has a choice of tile colours to match most roofs making the sun room look part of your home and fascias matching the sun room windows the finish is second to none. The roof system has a 25 year guarantee and a life expectancy of over 40 years and with U Value’s of 0.18 it surpasses all current building regulations for energy efficiency and insulation.

The entire project is handled from start to finish by our highly experienced and professional team dealing with all aspects of planning, building and installation…..all you have to do is choose your furniture.

Call us today to get a free quote for your dream sun room at conservatory prices.