Glass Balustrading

Glass balustrading is becoming more and more popular in homes, developments and commercial venues due to its durability and aesthetics.

It gives a modern, clean-cut look to the area as well as providing safety as we use only toughened safety glass in our ballustrading systems to meet current building standards. The stainless steel system which we use is highly durable to the climate and the rigours of outdoors use.

We work with clients to get the best design for the application.

The system can come in a variety of styles with a standard handrail system to the wrap around the system and even an eternity system option for maximum viewing. The glazing can also be changed to coloured glass to change the look and style of the balustrade and thereby give the area a specific mood or feel and we can sandblast motifs on the glazing to give individuality to the balustrade and the area it covers.


Our showroom has a balustrade display to show what can be achieved when using our system and we can discuss your requirements and ideas in more detail, supplying a competitive quotation from drawings or, if required, a site survey can be carried out by the McLeods glazing team.


Here is an example of external balustrade in Oakbank, Perth.